Norlift of Oregon's Forklift Training and Certification

Norlift of Oregon's Forklift Training and Certification program can benefit both experienced and beginning drivers seeking forklift certification for ITA Classifications 1 - 5.

If you are an employer seeking certification for your employees, you have the option of the On-Site Training, the Semi-Monthly Class, or the Train-the-Trainer.
     Norlift of Oregon's On-Site Training will provide your company customized training geared to your specific forklifts and facility (there is a $500 minimum for onsite training.)
     Our Semi-Monthly Class, along with the Driving Review and Evaluation, is available to companies who need forklift certification for just a few of their employees.
     The Train-the-Trainer program will train your supervisors to give customized forklift training to your own employees.
     Please see our Training Calendar to see which date works best for your company.

If you are unemployed and are interested in adding forklift certification to your resume, you have the options of the Semi-Monthly Class and the Extended Training.
      The Semi-Monthly Class with Driving Review and Evaluation will fulfill the basic OSHA requirements for forklift certification. Beginning drivers with some natural ability may be able to pass the Driving Evaluation on a sit-down forklift.
       For more forklift experience, beginning drivers can take the Extended Training. You can learn and practice job skills on up the four different forklift styles. You will come away from this class with the the knowledge, training and confidence to apply for many forklift jobs.

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