Operator Training Semi-Monthly Class

Classroom Training ($99): On the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month, Norlift of Oregon hosts forklift training sessions at Norlift in Clackamas, Oregon. The class covers the necessary formal training required by Oregon OSHA. The topics which are covered in the class are: Lift Truck Basics, Pre-operational Inspections, Forklift Handling Characteristics, Load Handling, Balance and Stability, Fueling Procedures, and Electric Truck Battery Charging. A written test will be administered at the end of the class. The class usually lasts about 3 to 4 hours, depending on the number of participants. Class size is limited to 20, so register early. MORE INFO  (Spanish materials can be provided, if requested beforehand)
Pre-register and pre-pay to save $10 per operator

Additional Hands-On Training and Evaluation ($25): (The "Hands-on" Evaluation is a requirement for operator certification, however, it may be completed by the employer.) Once the classroom training is completed, Norlift of Oregon offers a "hands-on" review and evaluation at our facility in Clackamas. The instructor will demonstrate forklift driving techniques and evaluate the operator's ability to operate a forklift. Norlift of Oregon has all types of forklifts on site and will provide forklifts similar to those at your company for training and evaluation. The participants will be evaluated in performing a number of tasks including, pre-operational inspection, lifting and carrying loads, loading onto racks, driving forward and in reverse and other criteria. This portion of the class will take about 15 minutes per participant. MORE INFO

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